Launching your business online requires a structured plan, which is divided into several steps. All in all three steps characterize this process:

Step One: This phase consists of consulting and analysis in order to specify the requirements for your online presence. we are gathering as much information as possible in to prepare a custom proposal, which is tailored to your needs,

Step Two: As soon as your approval has been given and all specifications have been clarified we will prepare a navigation structure of your site. After all content has been supplied to us we will design your site and test it for speed and functionality. If the results are satisfactory you will be able to launch your site. Search engine listings, promotions and perfect server configuration can be added at this stage.

Step Three: The final phase of this project will involve training and support. small updates can be made and we will make certain that you and your staff will be familiarized with form and database components

In order to make yourself a better picture of this process, please review the following graphic, available as adobe acrobat file: Slide Development Process Overview


 Please follow this link to download Adobe Acrobat